Vigilante hackers fix Black Ops III, and other TC news

Vigilante hackers fix Black Ops III, and other TC news
Mar 2023

Welcome back to the TechCrunch Podcast, where I'm standing in for Darrell while he's honeymooning with his lady love. This week, I sat down with Amanda Silberling and Mary Ann Azevedo to talk through some of their interesting stories.

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News articles from the episode:

Hack the planet: Lorenzo writes a great story about how gamers are fixing a video game "taken over" by hackersHello, robot: Aisha reports that Snapchat launched an AI chatbot powered by OpenAI's GPT technologyBroken dishes: Carly reports how Dish was hit by a multiday outage after a reported cyberattack

... and the longer interviews:

Musk the Uninclusive: Amanda takes a look at Senator Markey's letter that calls on Elon Musk to reinstate Twitter's accessibility teamFrom stocks to building blocks: Natasha Mascarenhas and Mary Ann Azevedo explore Amazon's new employee perk that lets employees use their stock to finance home purchases

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