Microsoft Advertising extends RSA migration deadline by 60 days

Microsoft Advertising extends RSA migration deadline by 60 days
Apr 2022

If you are a Microsoft advertiser that has been putting off the transition from expanded text ads (ETAs) to responsive search ads (RSAs) you can relax for a little longer. Today Microsoft Advertising is extending the migration date from June 30 to August 29. These additional 60 days should help those struggling to bring the new modern ad units into their accounts.
The depreciation of ETAs was announced in October, with advertisers losing the ability to create ETAs after the deadline. One important note is that if ETAs exist in the account that were created before the deadline, they will still be eligible to show. This new timeline move will operate in the same fashion where ETAs made prior to August 29 can show after the new date.
Microsoft noted that according to internal 2021 data "advertisers who have adopted RSAs on Microsoft Advertising experience an average increase in clicks by 17% and conversion rates of 11%" though no information on costs or CPAs accompanies those stats.
How to be successful in your transition to RSAs.
Have at least one RSA in all ad groups: This will ensure that all ad groups will have a responsive option to use along with legacy ETAs. Google Ads has shown a preference towards RSAs over ETAs and have been found to give the new format more impressions. With at least one RSA in your accounts, you'll be able to assess for yourself.
Import from Google Ads: If you are behind on the Microsoft platform, but ahead on the Google Ads platform, then the Google Import tool could be a massive timesaver. Advertisers can import RSAs from Google to check off that RSA box.
Ad customizers can work with RSAs: Earlier this month Microsoft announced RSA ad customizers in open beta. If you have ETA ad customizers that are currently working well within Microsoft advertising reach out to your rep and bring those customizers to RSAs.
If you still need help, Microsoft is offering additional help with a RSA course available anytime and a virtual automation bootcamp on May 10-12.
Why we care. If you were an advertiser that was behind on RSA implementation, you now have an additional 60 days to get current. Whether you like them or not, RSAs are the future of search ads and they should be in all ad groups.
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